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Top Five Benefits of Having a Local Pharmacist

Finding a local pharmacy that you like can be hard and often people, by default go with large chain pharmacies because they are easier to find as they are usually on every corner in town.  What people do not realize is that there are plenty of great reasons to have a local pharmacist rather than going with a large chain pharmacist.

  1. When you go with a local hometown pharmacist you get the same medication but you usually get better service, friendlier service, and faster service.  Not to mention it is more personalized as your pharmacists will come to know you on a first name basis.  Many people that go to their hometown pharmacist rather than a large chain pharmacy find that their pharmacists seem to care more about them as they take the time to explain how to properly take the drugs and any other information that they need to know.  Often times when you go to a chain pharmacy they will simply hand you the prescriptions without explaining anything about them.  Smaller local pharmacies often have pharmacists that take the time to get to know you and to review your charts or your profile to make sure that you are taking the right medications and that they do not interact with other medications you may be on.
  2. Also chain pharmacies will more often than not give you more expensive medications in order to make a profit or even attempt to get your doctor to prescribe you the non-generic medication so that they can make more money.  Local pharmacies often try to select the drug that will work best for you not the one that will make them the most money.
  3. If you are not sure you want a pharmacist at all you may be surprised at how convenient it is to have a local pharmacist than not having one at all.  If you have a medication that you have to take regularly like every month you also have to get it refilled every month and when you do not have a local pharmacist this can become a hassle.  If you do not have a pharmacy that you go to regularly you will have to have your doctor call in your prescription to which ever pharmacy you want to go to and that can be inconvenient for all parties involved.
  4. When you have a local hometown pharmacy that you consistently go to you build a relationship with them and they get to know you and want to take care of you and offer you better services.  If you are constantly bouncing around between pharmacies you do not get to develop that type of caring relationship and sometimes you will miss out on great deals like getting generics.
  5. Many local pharmacies offer their customers more choices when it comes to prescription options.  If they know that you are taking a certain drug that also comes in a generic brand that is much cheaper they can offer you that choice and save you money.

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