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Top Three Questions You Should Ask Your Local Pharmacist

Often time’s patients will simply go and pick up their prescriptions without asking their local pharmacists any questions.  Your local pharmacist is a fountain of information and if you have any doubts about why you are taking the medication or what it is for than why not just ask your pharmacist about it that is what they are there for.

The follow three questions are ones that you should ask your local pharmacist when you are picking up your medications but they definitely are not the only ones that you can ask.  Just remember that any time you have a question about a prescription or the availability of different medications that might be cheaper or not have the same side effects, you can really benefit from asking them.

  1. The number one question you should ask your local pharmacist may seem like an obvious one but it is surprising how many people do not know what their medications are for.  They simply know that there doctor has told them that they need to take it and have written a prescription for it.  By asking your pharmacist: What is this medication for?  You can better understand what each of your medications is for and you can also learn more about your health.  When you better understand your medications you can also better relay your health information to other healthcare providers like if you switch doctors or move.
  2. Another great question to ask your local pharmacist is: How do I take this medication?  Again it seems like an obvious question and many people just go with what is on the bottle but your pharmacist may be able to give you other information as well.  For example they can tell you to take your medication so many times a day but they can also tell you if you should take it with food.  They can also let you know that if you experience an upset stomach that taking it with food is the best thing to do or that you may need to change your prescription.  They can also tell you the best times of day for you to take your medications based on different side effects.  Side effects bring us to the next question you should ask.
  3. Asking: What are the side effects and what should I look out for with this medication?  This is an important question to ask especially if you have never taken that medication before.  This allows you to know what to look out for and what to expect while you are taken those medications.  Your local pharmacist can explain the different side effects and what you should do if they occur.

Those are the top three questions that you should ask your local pharmacist when you are picking up your medications.  Some other questions to keep in mind as well are: What if I miss a dose? Can I take more than one pill to catch up or just skip that day?  Do I need to avoid other drugs or foods when I am taking this drug?

These are all great questions to think about when you are picking up your prescriptions.

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