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What Your Need To Know About Mixing Pharmaceuticals

Mixing different medications as well as mixing medication with alcohol can be very dangerous and sometimes you may not even know that the pharmaceuticals you are taking can have bad interactions.  If you are going to different doctors for various ailments and they each prescribe you some medications and they do not know which ones you are already on you could potentially be putting your life in danger.

When individuals take more than one prescription drug it is important to make sure that there will be no interactions between the same drugs.  Sometimes interactions can be minor like one drug cancelling out the other but sometimes it can be extremely serious and cause severe reactions and even death.  Combined drug intoxication or CDI is when an individual is taking more than one drug it can be prescription, over-the-counter, recreational or a combination of all of them.  The toxicity of the mix depends on which drugs are combined and taken also when alcohol is thrown into the mix things often just get worse.

There are countless ways that drugs can interact with each other and the severity of the interaction is based on the type of drugs.  Also different drugs react differently when alcohol is taken with them.  Usually when you are prescribed a medication it will say right on the bottle not to consume alcohol with it and that is usually for a reason.  However, there are over the counter drugs that can also have an adverse reaction when mixed with alcohol.  When you get a new medication prescription makes sure that your doctor is aware of every drug you are taking so that can make sure you will not have a reaction when the drugs are mixed.  A great way to prevent forgetting your medications and doses is to keep a running list of what you are taking and you can include everything on there even what types of vitamins you take.

When you have a drug on drug interaction it can be critical to your health and can cause serious damage to your body and could even result in death.  The same goes when you mix drugs and alcohol.  A great example of how mixing drugs can be dangerous is if you were to mix a sedative with a drug that you take for your allergies like an antihistamine.  When these drugs are combined it can make your reaction times slower and operating a vehicle or other machinery can be very dangerous not only to you but to other drivers.

If you are worried about drug and alcohol interactions a great way to find out more information is to simply talk to your doctor and pharmacist about it.  Making sure that they know every medication you are on is a great place to start.  Also you can ask them if it is okay to take other drugs with your medication like over the counter cold medications, allergy medications, and others.  Also asking if you need to avoid certain beverages like alcoholic ones is a great way to ensure that you are staying safe and avoiding dangerous interactions.

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