My Palmyra Pharmacy! Palmyra, NY

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday (Hours Vary)
  Contact : +1 (315) 502-0038

About Us

Palmyra Pharmacy store frontPalmyra Pharmacy is very patient-centric with an emphasis on wellness.

1) Complete medication profile analysis.

2) Prescriptions will be filled in a timely manner and most all insurance plans will be accepted.

3) Each patient will be treated with the concept in mind of possibly reducing their drug costs while striving to improve their outcomes.

Health care and Pharmacy care is a complicated business. Palmyra Pharmacy will be working for their patients to simplify their lives with regards to medication adherence. Often cheaper alternatives are available with no loss of effectiveness. We regularly communicate with doctors and their staff to insure you are on the most appropriate medicine at a reasonable cost.

Palmyra Pharmacy is founded from the ground up with the concept in mind of improving patient outcomes at affordable costs.