My Palmyra Pharmacy! Palmyra, NY

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Here are some answers, for some common questions you may have.

Will you accept my prescription insurance?

We accept most all prescription insurance offered in today’s marketplace.

Will my prescription insurance pay for this medication?

We will either call the insurance or send a test claim to determine this. If a drug is not covered perhaps we can suggest to the doctor to pursue a prior authorization with the insurance and allow it to be covered, or else suggest an alternative drug that is covered.

What is the cost for immunizations?

Most insurances including ALL those covered by Medicare will allow patients to be immunized at no cost to the patient.

Do you offer delivery services?

You can contact us to discuss arrangements of how we can offer the service to you.

How hard is it to transfer my prescriptions from another pharmacy?

Just bring in the bottle and your insurance information and we’ll do the rest. If you can’t come in tell us what medication you need and which pharmacy you’d like it transferred from.